Cupcakes at the Framers Market

Cupcakes at the Framers Market

Farmer’s market kick-off

Rossland Mountain Market kicks off downtown at 3 p.m.

Today marks the official start of the market season as the Rossland Mountain Market kicks off downtown at 3 p.m.

With a whole season chock full of festivals, events and activities for the community, this is shaping up to be the best market season yet.

To start, the market has a beautiful new website with loads of photos, details for the community and information for vendors. The highlight of the website is the ‘Meet Your Vendors’ page which shows who your vendors are, where they come from, what they’re bringing you and when to find them at the market. The website is

This year is about raising community awareness of local food, creating more support for locally handmade wares, and generating more involvement in the market – from the community, local businesses, and the city.

The farmer’s market is one of the best sources for local food and wares, and there are many reasons to support this venue.

Market Manager Miche Warwick says, “shopping at the market stimulates the local economy, contributes to a sustainable community, helps promote sustainabily  and  sense of community, which helps contribute to a healthy future for our children.”

The Market is excited to introduce the new ‘third Thursday of the month’ festival series which focuses on the food that is locally harvested in that particular month.

This awesome line-up of festivals will feature greens, huckleberries, corn and tomatoes and will include kids activities, recipe giveaways, taste testers, food education and nutritional information, along with games, and live music. It will run until 7 p.m., an hour longer than usual. The first of the four ‘Go Greens’ takes place on June 19.

There will be a special film night on Sunday June 22 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. featureing the inspiring film documentary ‘Ingredients’. Afterwards, guest speaker Andrew Bennett from Moon Gravity Farm in Rossland will give a talk.

Meet local farmers and sample a delicious array of appetizers made with ingredients harvested directly from the farms that feed you.

Tickets on sale starting June 5 at the weekly market and at Bear Country Kitchen.

The market will host many familiar vendors this year along with some exciting new additions. Warwick is proud to say, “We’re working really hard to bring the community a market they truly want”.

When asked what they want to see in their farmer’s market, the community responded by asking for a longer season and more produce. “So we’re starting earlier and bringing you more fresh food,” Warick promises.

This Thursday is supposed to be hot and sunny, the perfect setting for a great first market.