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Corn competition pops with excitement

The second annual Corn Festival featured an intense corn shucking competition.
Competition was fierce at the second annual Corn Festival's corn husking competition on Thursday.

The husks were flying Thursday afternoon at the second annual Corn Festival.

Kids and adults alike proved their shucking skills in a heated head-to-head competition. Each adult shucked six ears of corn, while younger participants had to tear the husks off three ears.

Julia Maniecki triumphed in the adult category, leaving her ears not only husk, but hair free.

Jonas Bourchier was the kids' corn-shucking champ, making quick work of his pieces. He was so quick, he accidentally broke one of his ears in half.

Nadine Tremblay from the Charles Bailey Theatre and Kristen Renn from VISAC Art Gallery acted as judges for the contest, convincing Rossland Mountain market-goers to participate by threatening a never-ending stream of corny corn-related jokes.