Meeting on broadband

Meeting on broadband

A town hall meeting has been set to discuss the prospect of broadband Internet.

A town hall meeting has been set to discuss the prospect of broadband Internet.

The town hall would be a power point presentation to the community on the proposal—with an opportunity to ask questions—delivered on Sept. 10, 7 p.m., at the Miners’ Union Hall.

Council approved a Sept. 9 committee of the whole meeting—along with a report delivered to council—to give council a chance to ask questions of the city’s broadband committee. The meeting would also delve into the different options presented.

A request for decision on broadband would come to council on Sept. 24.

An open access network is proposed for the city’s downtown. Also called broadband, the network would create a whole new economic platform that would support and encourage the fledgling web-based economy in the city.

It would improve speed and bandwidth for Internet users, said councillor Jody Blomme, who sits on the broadband task force,

In open access the network owner does not offer services, but opens access to the network to other service provider companies, including Telus and Shaw. Hundreds of services could potentially be offered by dozens of providers, including Internet, telephone, TV, accounting software and management, tech-support, security services/monitoring, data backup, database creation and maintenance and distance learning/teaching.

The open access network would include about 20 times faster than current download speeds achievable in Rossland, and about 100 times faster than current upload speeds.

It will also allow better, more reliable connectivity to transfer data files and to use with POS systems and other communications such as internet telephone, video conferencing and webinars.

In the current phase of the project being considered, City Hall, municipal buildings, and Rossland’s downtown core (Columbia Avenue between St. Paul and Spokane, and Washington Street adjacent to Sourdough Alley) would be connected to the network. All businesses and residences within this build-out plan would be offered the opportunity to access the network.

For more information visit the Rossland Broadband website