John White

Poll question: Would you like to see ride-hailing services in Rossland?

The province is expected to introduce ride-hailing legislation in the fall.

John White: Scumbag Brain makes its most unwelcome return

I’ve been suffering from sporadic insomnia thanks to sinus migraines over the last couple of weeks.

Poll question: Have you witnessed referee abuse at a minor hockey event this season?

Have you witnessed referee abuse at a minor hockey event this season?

John White: Community comes together to maximize event successes

Andrea Ryman from Destination Castlegar was the driving force behind the movement.

John White: Rossland Winter Carnival warmed the heart

It was my first foray into this fabled gathering, and I wasn’t disappointed.

VIDEO: Highlights from the Sonny Samuelson Bobsled Race

Check out the sleds and the speed from the marquee event at Rossland Winter Carnival.

John White: How to put your best submission forward

Examining the best ways to get your events covered in the paper and on our websites.

John White: Seizing the moment, or seizing up

It’s one of the hardest things to do in sports.

John White: The 800-pound gorilla and the white elephant

When is Castlegar getting appropriate funding for its hospital?

John White: Where to find hope in a sea of turmoil

I’m finding it more challenging to find sparks of positivity when reviewing the year’s milestones.

John White: Snowstorm triggers vision of ‘66 blizzard spectacle

Anytime I have to deal with a major dump of snow, I’m reminded of what my dad went through.

John White: Don’t let Christmas magic pass you by

The reason I’ve been in a funk is I’ve been in denial about Christmas.

Guest column: Taking on the tough feline issues

In the spirit of Family Circus and Bill Keane, we bring you a guest column from John’s cat Maddy

John White: Criticism welcome, slander and gossip not so much

There’s been a trend I’ve noticed in covering smaller communities recently that I’ve found disturbing.

John White: It was a stretch to think I could easily yoga

I finally took the rather uncomfortable plunge for the first time this past Sunday.

John White: To boldly go behind enemy lines, in a hotbed

Going behind enemy lines is a daring manoeuvre in most cases.

John White: I felt like a hockey player, until the flagrant nausea

Your brain thinks you can just hop back on the ice and cut it up like there was no lapse in activity

John White: Lifting the lid on our sausage-making machine

This one is from the “I Bet You Didn’t Know” file…

John White: The nightly rumble with Scumbag Brain

I’ve been engaged in a hearty battle with Scumbag Brain over the past few weeks.

LGBTQ health disparity study in B.C. leads to surprise finding

Suicidal thoughts and attempts go down by half for straight males in schools with GSAs.