Golden weekend in the Golden City

This weekend was packed with activities as Rossland celebrated its 40th Golden City Days.

A penny no more

At long last, the government has done something to get rid of that old relic from the past: the penny.

Rossland a great place for ski hall of fame

With the recent announcement that Rossland is one of five cities in the running for the National Ski Hall of Fame and Museum.

Critics don’t find many positives in B.C. budget

The provincial government released its budget Tuesday and so far there hasn’t been much positive press about it.

Six more weeks of winter?

Thursday was Groundhog Day, the day we all find out whether there will be another six more weeks of winter weather.

Friday not as lucky as other days

Tomorrow is Friday the thirteenth. That Friday is considered an unlucky day for many people.

School board setting bad tone for Rossland

How many meetings did it take for the issue of Rossland Secondary School closure to pop up in the newly elected school board’s discussions?

Aiming for safer crossing

The Columbia-Washington infrastructure renewal is on the minds of many people, after two recent meetings.

A vote for Rossland’s future

Municipal elections are a time of change with new council hopefuls and those who have put in a lot of their time with council.

A time to reflect on past sacrifice

Nearly 100 years ago, young men were asked to fight a battle they had little to do with on the other side of the planet.

Reaching a Reader

Next Thursday we’re going to ask you to pay for the Rossland News. What? Pay for a free paper? Yup.

Back to school with a strike

It’s that time again. Time to go back to school. One thing is different though, and that’s that there is a teacher’s strike going on right from the get-go of school starting.

Turning back the HST tide

British Columbian's have been able to take down the harmonized tax.

Welcoming all ideas

I’m new to Rossland.

Columbia Basin Culture Tour this weekend

Columbia Basin Culture Tour includes local stops in Rossland

Let’s welcome participants


Help sort HST mess

Fill out your HST ballot

Here’s to farmers and fresh food

It’s great to see the Mountain Market flourish this year, and next week’s will hit high gear to coincide with Farmers Appreciation Week — July 31 to Aug. 6 — a province-wide celebration of our food growers.

Inaugural festival warrants a look

The many facets that make up the unique culture of the Kootenay region — in particular food, music, art, and heritage — were the inspiration for a new festival set to take place this weekend, just up the valley.

On Saturday, the inaugural Kootenay Festival will take place across the highway from the airport in Castlegar, in an outdoor setting adjacent to the Columbia River, slightly downstream from its confluence with the Kootenay River. Organizers plan to erect two stages along the east bank of the Columbia to showcase the range of musical talent found in this region.

The main stage will be flanked on one side by the Doukhobor Discovery Centre and on the other by the Village Bistro, serving traditional Doukhobor food and giving visitors the chance to experience the flavour of the area’s Russian heritage in more ways than one. A variety of outdoor food vendors will also bring dishes from the Kootenays’ Portuguese, Greek, Metis, Filipino and other diverse communities.

Invitations have been sent out to artists across the East and West Kootenays, asking them to not only bring their works to the festival but also to come ready to share their techniques and tricks of the trade. The plan is to set up interactive displays and informal workshops where festival-goers can try their hands at various creative forms, with some professional guidance.

The festival will be a family event with activities geared towards people of all ages, including some nods to the younger crowd with things like a Battle of the DJs contest. Full details are available online at: www.kootenayfestival.com.

The inaugural event will be just one day, but organizers hope to eventually turn it into an annual celebration spanning a full weekend.

If you have some time to check it out, it should be worth the drive. The Kootenay Festival runs from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday.

Natural nationalism

Canada Day celebrations usually strike a relatively subdued tone compared to the over-the-top patriotism (some might say jingoism) that’s regularly on display at Fourth of July celebrations throughout the United States. But that doesn’t make the annual festivities north of the border any less sincere.

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