A butterfly rests on a plant beside Nancy Greene Lake. (Black Press file)

Rossland triathlon switches gears to quadrathlon

The triathlon proposed for Rossland that caused some controversy has become a quadrathlon.

The triathlon proposed for Rossland that caused some controversy has become a quadrathlon.

Originally the event was proposed as a triathlon, but after Rosslanders were upset by the possibility of participants being allowed to swim in the reservoir, the Rossland Offroad-plus Quadrathlon shifted gears.

“People were getting upset about swimming in the reservoir and so we just sort of didn’t want to be part of something that people weren’t really too supportive of,” explains Keith Robine, organizer of the quadrathlon.

The event will now begin out at Nancy Green Lake, where participants will swim 1,200 meters before mounting road bikes and biking approximately 25 kilometers to Rossland. Participants will then switch to mountain bikes, covering 15 km on Red Head and Pay Dirt, before completing the last 10 km of the race on foot.

Robine estimates the race should take four hours to complete, and participants can either complete all four legs themselves, or form teams to cover the different legs.

“People could do it as a four-person team and each person does one leg, or they could do it as a two-person team and each person could do two legs or any combination that you can think of,” explains Robine.

As to how fit someone needs to be to complete the quadrathlon on their own, he says with a laugh, “If you need to ask then you’re not in shape to do it.”

The quadrathlon will take place on Saturday, Sept. 16, with a start time of 10 a.m. The event is fairly informal.

“People can get information from me and I’ll provide them with … course maps and that sot of thing,” says Robine. “But people are going to need to take responsibility for knowing what the course is, because we’re not going to mark it or anything like that.”

Anyone interested in participating can contact Keith Robine at keith@netidea.com.

Robine is also looking for one volunteer to help out with timing and transitions.

As of yet, there’s nothing planned for after the race, but Robine says it’s TBA.