Rossland should get on board with pesticide bylaws

Re: ‘Pesticide bylaw fails to launch,’ Jan. 13.

Re: ‘Pesticide bylaw fails to launch,’ Jan. 13.

The mayor and some members of Rossland City Council are behaving as if the issue of the pesticide bylaw was unique to Rossland. This writer finds this incomprehensible.

After all, both Quebec and Ontario have province-wide pesticide bans applicable to cosmetic use of pesticides and restrictions on cosmetic use of pesticides have been passed both in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Even in the right-wing Alberta a minor step has been taken toward dealing with this issue: the Weed & Feed combination will be banned.

Rossland did appear to be a good candidate for an urban pesticide bylaw. Hopefully the issue will be revisited in Rossland in the not too distant future.

K. Jean Cottam