Famous mining and smelting visits Rossland in 1912

Compiled by the Rossland Historical Museum from the pages of the Rossland Miner.

Compiled by the Rossland Historical Museum from the pages of the Rossland Miner.

100 Years Ago

September 1912

F. Augustus Heinze Visits Rossland

F. Aug. Heinze, the famous mining and smelting man, arrived here on Saturday from New York. Mr. Heinze, although a resident here only for a few years, built the Trail smelter, and then he constructed the railway between Rossland and Trail to supply it with ore. He then secured a contract with the Le Roi management for the reducing of 75,000 tons of ore at $11 per ton, and this, (combined) with what the other Rossland mines shipped to Trail made the smelter a profitable one.

The Canadian Pacific railway… did not like to have a rival railway system built in territory tributary to its system, and, as a result of this, they purchased from him the Trail smelter and the railway running from Rossland to Trail and from Trail to Balfour, through a subsidiary company.

Ore from the Lord Roberts

The latest addition to the mineral display in the Hotel Allan consists of azurite, malachite and epidote copper ore specimens from the Lord Roberts ledge. The ledge is a very wide one and can be traced on the surface for a mile, so strong is it. This immense and valuable ledge is located ten miles from this city on the divide between Murphy and Sullivan creeks. … It is believed by many who have looked over the properties in that vicinity that one of the largest mining camps in the west will ultimately be located there, because of the immense bodies of low grade ore that exist there.

75 Years Ago

September 1937

Over 600 Students Dust Off Books and Prepare for another term – five new teachers appointed

Amid cheerful laughter, mingled with serious ambition and thoughts of future hard work, over 600 students of the Rossland High School and McLean School answered to the loud and long ding-dongs of the school bells this morning to commence another term of school life.

Enrollment at McLean School this morning was 495 pupils, of which there were 85 beginners. The enrolment at the end of last term was 485.

Local Chinese Plan to Send Money to China

(Chinese) in Rossland …keenly feel the difficulties of their country as the war between their kinsmen and the Nipponese gets worse with every rifle shot. Conditions in China are critical. People are miserably dying of starvation; they have no home wherein to live; they cannot work peaceably in the rice fields; they are unable to sell their produce; the government cannot afford relief, and they are in constant danger from Japanese guns. No one knows where the next shell will land.

Ore Shipment Made from the Iron Colt Mine

A shipment of nine tons of ore from the Iron Colt Mine here was made during the past week. Shipments of ore from custom mines continue to be of a high tonnage. Company mines also are shipping a large amount of ore to the Trail smelter.