Rossland city council awards $250,000 in Community Support Grants

Rossland city council met to determine funding for Community Support Grants on Monday night.

Rossland city council met to determine funding for Community Support Grants on Monday night.

In total, $374,200 in grants were requested for 2017, as compared to the $307,095 that was actually awarded in 2016. This year, facing $250,000 in cutbacks that need to be made to the 2017 budget, council limited the amount awarded to $250,000, or approximately five per cent of the anticipated total tax revenue the city has budgeted for in 2017 (approximately $5,000,000).

Councillor Aaron Cosbey motioned that council approve all Community Funding Grant requests under $5,000 for their entire value, and the motion carried. Council then allocated to the remaining applicants, though some received no funding at all.

Though Golden City Days and Rossland Winter Carnival appeared on the funding request list, Bryan Teasdale, City of Rossland’s chief administrative officer and corporate officer, explained that both of those items have been removed from the Community Support budget, and “have already been built into our draft 2017 budget.”

Organization or eventPurposeRequested for 2017Approved for 2017
Rossland Council for Arts and CultureExec. admin. salary$4,000$4,000
Kootenay Columbia Trails SocietyO&M$20,000$20,000
Tourism RosslandCore activities$55,000$20,500
Bear Aware/ Wildsafe BC/ BC ConservationCommunity coordinator$3,000$3,000
Heritage CommissionHeritage projects$5,800$4,833
Sustainability CommissionEngagement, admin., etc.$14,000$12,250
Tennis ClubMaintenance$3,000$3,000
Rossland Museum SocietyO&M$48,500$45,308
Rossland Public LibraryOperations$127,000$121,192
Food Security(Received funds last year)NANA
Vision for Small SchoolsMarketing$10,000$0
ScoutsRenovate Scout Hall$8,300$0
Little OasisHelp sponsor families$7,000$0
Black Jack Cross Country Ski ClubVehicle$24,500$0
TRP — Rec Financial Assistance(Removed as part of $250,000 reduction for 2017)NANA
Golden City Days$4,600NA
Rossland Winter Carnival$15,000NA
Rossland Youth Action Network (YAN)Capital funding on city building$24,500$15,917