Hitting the road

Further work will be happening on the city's main downtown streets this weekend.

Further work will be happening on the city’s main downtown streets.

Selkirk Paving Limited (SPL) will be commencing work on seal coating Columbia Avenue and Washington Street this weekend.

Only the driving lanes will be affected during this process. On Saturday evening, Aug. 17, SPL will be washing the above streets. On Sunday, Aug. 18, a spray sealer will be applied one lane at a time in the morning with a washed sand, and then rolled with a double roller.

On Tuesday, Aug. 20, the city will remove the sand with the street sweeper.

“The repairs on the asphalt are warranty work,” said Mayor Greg Granstrom. “It is to ensure a better seal of the asphalt and to increase the lifespan of the street. It won’t affect people too much.”

However, the city does apologize for any inconvenience the work may cause.

If people have any questions please call 250-362-2328.