Rossland's Golden City Band

Four fires fan flames of fear

Compiled by the Rossland Historical Museum from the pages of the Rossland Miner.

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Compiled by the Rossland Historical Museum from the pages of the Rossland Miner.

100 Years Ago

May 1913

It Looks Like the Work of Firebugs

Four fires here within a few hours – the Ottawa Hotel, Miner office, Lincoln Terrace and other places ablaze.  The Lincoln Terrace conflagration at one time threatened to become general – fire brigade and citizens do excellent work in suppressing the flames.

There were four fires on Saturday and Sunday morning, and fortunately the fire department was able to cope with them successfully without much financial loss.  So many fires, occurring within a short period, naturally lead to the belief that some of them were of incendiary origin, and that there is a firebug in the city.

Mining in the Rossland Camp

Rossland!  What wonderful memories of stirring and exciting incidents does the name conjure up in the way of big mining deals, strikes, large and small, booming share markets, slumps in the prices that were profound, coupled with steady and persistent production which, by the beginning of the present year, reached the enormous total of $55,577,452.

The mining camp passes through three stages.  The first to appear on the scene is the hopeful prospector, who pegs the ground, secures a few specimens from the outcroppings and hurries in search of capital to purchase the ground staked so that he may handle the proceeds of sale, spend it and go elsewhere is search of other locations.  The property then falls usually into the hands of the promoter,  who either forms a company and operates it, or of those who seek the big capitalists and sell it outright to them, and they form syndicates and operate it.

The third period is the producing stage, in which actualities are reached, the valueless sifted from the valuable, the chaff from the wheat.  Rossland has passed through the three stages, and now goes on steadily producing gold, silver and copper at the rate of $2,705,000 a year.

75 Years Ago

May 1938

City Finance Drive for Rink Opens

With one objective in view, a new rink and sports centre for the city, the Finance Committee for the rink plan a city-wide campaign for funds to take place in the next two weeks.  Already $1000 has been subscribed to the rink fund in the monthly instalment plan of a minimum of $1.00 per month for a period of at least one year.  No actual estimate of the cost of the new rink has been submitted by the building committee, but it is expected that at least $25,000 will have to be raised.

Hospital Auxiliary is Formed

At a meeting in the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, a Women’s Auxiliary to the Hospital was formed and officers elected.  Sister Lelia explained the very great need for a body of this sort which would embrace members from all denominations.  She added that although this was a Sisters’ Hospital it was doing community service and needed the support of the community.

Rossland City Band Wins Blaylock Cup for Second Year at Musical Festival

Civic musicians lauded by Prairie Adjudicator as finest brass band she has heard over Western Canadian Network.

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