Black bears are beginning to come out of hibernation

Bears are waking up, secure attractants reminds WildSafeBC

WildSafeBCbreminds people to shake off winter habits and get back to securing garbage and taking down the bird feeders.

The arrival of warmer weather is a reminder that humans aren’t the ones starting to get out and about and enjoying the sunshine.

The four-legged inhabitants of the West Kootenay are also waking up from their winter slumber or seeking out some fresh food sources after a long winter.

“Bears usually start coming out at the beginning of April,” confirmed Desiree Profili, the local WildsafeBC community coordinator.

“Especially with the winter we’ve had and it’s been nice for the last month.”

Profili said as things begin to green in the region, the animals start to venture out more.

She reminds people to shake off those winter habits and get back to securing garbage and taking down the bird feeders in the backyard.

“People get busy with their spring cleaning and put their garbage out early. Anything that attracts animals will attract even more animals.”

She said there are lots of deer near the Rossland cemetery and elk out near Glade along the road.

Although Profili hasn’t received any calls of reported sightings, two have recently been listed on the Wildlife Alert Reporting Program (WARP).

A cougar was reportedly spotted in West Trail early last week. Also last week, a bear was sighted on the edge of downtown.

The sightings haven’t surprised Profili and she added coyotes have also been spotted around the Redstone golf course and near Warfield.

“It’s probably the same pact,” she said. “That’s a reminder to people with cats and small dogs to keep an eye on them. Especially if you’re out hiking and your pet is not on a leash.”