Keeping safe

West Kootenay Traffic Services are reminding motorists they will be out in force on local highways.

The snow is gone and police presence on West Kootenay highways will be increasing, and they will be on the lookout for defective vehicles.

Since 1990, it has been mandatory for Canadian vehicles to have daytime running lights; these are the lights that automatically come on when the vehicle is in motion.

If a car is imported and is without this feature, it is compulsory to have these lights installed.

Daytime running lights are an added safety feature as they make acar more visible, especially when weather or lighting conditions are poor.

Another major concern for officers of the West Kootenay Traffic Services is loud mufflers, as this is a daily complaint made to the RCMP by the general public.

Regulations require that a vehicle be installed with a muffler that doesn’t emit excess noise, as defined by the Motor Vehicle Act: “Muffler and exhaust system must be the same or equivalent of which is was manufactured with.”

People should be aware that after market loud tubes or mufflers, or no mufflers, will be strictly enforced with a fine or inspection notice issued.