John White

John White: It was a stretch to think I could easily yoga

I finally took the rather uncomfortable plunge for the first time this past Sunday.

John White: To boldly go behind enemy lines, in a hotbed

Going behind enemy lines is a daring manoeuvre in most cases.

John White: I felt like a hockey player, until the flagrant nausea

Your brain thinks you can just hop back on the ice and cut it up like there was no lapse in activity

John White: Lifting the lid on our sausage-making machine

This one is from the “I Bet You Didn’t Know” file…

John White: The nightly rumble with Scumbag Brain

I’ve been engaged in a hearty battle with Scumbag Brain over the past few weeks.

LGBTQ health disparity study in B.C. leads to surprise finding

Suicidal thoughts and attempts go down by half for straight males in schools with GSAs.

John White: Bullying leaves deep scars behind

One boy, in particular was merciless in his torment of the smaller boys in our grade

John White: I’m seriously having a cow, man

Ask anyone who knows me even a little and they’ll tell you that I’m a major Simpsons nerdlinger.

John White: Is the smartphone really so smart?

Walk with me for a bit and have a listen to an old man’s rantings.

John White: Hitting the ice after 30 years

It’s been 30 freakin’ years since I’ve played hockey in an organized and meaningful fashion.

John White: Why are my lungs on fire?

I’m at the precipice of getting back in shape after 20 years of relative inactivity.

John White: Life’s a dirty ditch and then you fry cheese balls

I’ll be hitting the magic age of 50 soon and that has me thinking about my plans for retirement.

Off-road vehicle restrictions still in effect

BC Wildfire is reminding the public that the operation of ORVs on Crown land is prohibited.

John White: The spider whisperer is here to save

I’ve got a thing for trying to save all creatures.

John White: Going public to fight racist uprising

For the last 25 years, I’ve worked diligently to remain neutral in my postings on social media.

John White: Taking stock after six months at the helm

I’ve managed to surpass the six month milestone as regional editor for Black Press.

Streetlight debate dominates Rossland council meeting

There was laborious discussion on the pros and cons of LED streetlights being installed in Rossland

John White: Top 10 phrases you don’t want to hear in a home reno

Even a simple plumbing repair turned into a three-hour epic worthy of dramatic BBC acting talent.

John White: It’s your fourth move? How quaint

My wife and I figure we have moved 26 times since 1992. That is not a typo.

John White: Podcasts keep the wheels turning

I had the pleasure of driving from Castlegar to Edmonton (and back) last weekend.